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ELEKTRIA, spol. s r.o.


Informations about ELEKTRIA

Company ELEKTRIA spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) was established in year 1994 by partners Hana Havranová and Jozef Rybárik.

Executive manager - administrator of the company is Jozef Rybárik. The company started its activity as wholesale dealer for import and export of materials for electrical installations.

In year 1996 the company switched its trade activities to production activities too, mainly for production of wooden bars, hand tool sticks and components for furnishings sector, which are supplied to dealers and wholesale customers on Slovak and abroad markets. The company gradually spreads and modernizes its production. Evidence of the production quality are the prizes obtained (you may see certificates of them by clicking on the each mark.)

The Company priorities are:
- satisfaction of customer
- high quality of the products
- good price policy

- maintaining of employment in the town

Location of Elektria spol. s r.o. is in its own residence in Domaniža town in region of Považská Bystrica.




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